Center for Clinical Pharmacology

Faculty at the Center


Dr. Amynah Pradhan, PhD
Director of Center

Dr. Pradhan’s research focuses on the role of opioid receptors in migraine, and molecular mechanisms of migraine chronicity.

Al-Hasani headshot

Dr. Ream Al-Hasani, PhD
Assistant Professor

Studies ‭the negative affective behaviors associated with the withdrawal ‭phase of addiction and the interaction of endogenous opioid ‭systems with commonly prescribed opioid analgesics.

McCall headshot

Dr. Jordan McCall, PhD
Assistant Professor

Expertise in neural mechanisms underlying the ‭emotional distress associated with stress, chronic pain, and ‭addiction.

Susruta Majumdar

Dr. Susruta Majumdar, PhD
Associate Professor

Research is aimed at attaining functional selectivity of opioid agonist action from its own target adverse effects while integrating chemical synthesis with biochemical, genetic, and pharmacological approaches.

Che, Tao

Dr. Tao  Che, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research in the Che lab is foucused on comprehensively characterizing and dissecting the molecular mechanisms of opioid receptor signaling in order to gain an atomic-level understanding of opioid receptor activation, and to use this information to develop chemical and synthetic biologic tools.

Bahaa Headshot

Dr. Bahaa El-Gendy, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research is concentrated on drug design and organic synthesis. He designs and synthesizes novel small organic molecules as modulators of nuclear hormone receptors for the therapeutic treatment of cancer, fatty liver diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Atherosclerosis.

Cyrielle Headshot

Dr. Cyrielle Billon, PhD
Assistant Professor

Researching novel nuclear receptor compounds to supress inflammasomes in myoblasts for the treatment of muscular dystrophy, in particular Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.

Lamees Headshot

Dr. Lamees Hegazy, PhD
Assistant Professor

Computational scientist focusing on nuclear receptors structors and identification of novel ligands.