Center for Clinical Pharmacology

Jordan McCall, PhD, Assistant Professor

Jordan McCall, Ph.D.‭Jordan G. McCall, PhD, holds a primary appointment as ‭assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at ‭WUSM and an adjunct appointment as assistant professor in ‭the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative ‭Sciences at the University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy.
McCall earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Bachelor ‭of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Public Health in ‭Health Policy and Administration from the University of ‭Missouri-Columbia. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy ‭in Neurosciences at Washington University in St. Louis, where ‭he remained as a postdoctoral research associate studying ‭pain neurophysiology. McCall’s research is notable for ‭uncovering the neural circuitry responsible for the anxiety-reducing effects of beta-blockers and for pioneering new ‭wireless technology to manipulate neural circuitry.
As part of McCall’s appointment with the center, he will ‭work in a multidisciplinary research program aimed at ‭understanding the neural mechanisms underlying the ‭emotional distress associated with stress, chronic pain and ‭addiction. The long-term goal of the laboratory will be to take ‭basic, circuit-level neuroscience research and apply these ‭findings to advance therapeutic options for patients. Through ‭collaborative efforts with materials scientists, chemical and ‭electrical engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists ‭and clinicians, the development of new neural interfacing ‭technologies will be a huge step forward in achieving this goal.
‭“The completely blank slate of the center and the energy ‭to drive the vision of a multidisciplinary center that tackles ‭pharmacology, neuroscience questions and pain research ‭is exciting and a rare opportunity,” McCall said.